E-carrier systems

E1 (or E-1) is a European digital transmission format devised by the ITU-T and given the name by the Conference of European Postal and Telecommunication Administration (CEPT). It's the equivalent of the North American T-1 format. E2 through E5 are carriers in increasing multiples of the E1 format.


E-1 is 2,048 Mbps or 2.048.000 bits per second or 256.000 bytes/s or 0,24 MB/s


E-2 is 8,448 Mbps or 8.448.000 bits per second or 1.056.000 bytes/s or 1,00 MB/s


E-3 is 34,368 Mbps or 34.368.000 bits per second or 4.296.000 bytes/s or 4,09 MB/s


E-4 is 139,264 Mbps or 139.264.000 bits per second or 17.408.000 bytes/s or 16,60 MB/s


E-4 is 565,148 Mbps or 565.148.000 bits per second or 70.643.500 bytes/s or 67,37 MB/s

US = Tx; CCITT = Ex

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