6IIX New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Santa Clara, CA, USA Los Angeles - Operational 12/9. New York - January 2001. Santa Clara - March 2001 http://www.6iix.net
sugeno@telehouse.com, sales@telehouse.com 2000-12-08
Joining NYIIX/LAIIX in 2000, TELEHOUSE introduces 6IIX (International Internet eXchange for IPv6). Its mission is to provide ISPs or academic organizations with neutral, high-quality and state of the art peering service.

6NGIX Seoul, South Korea Operational since Oct. 2001 http://www.ngix.ne.kr
Yum, Chang-Yeol ljh@nca.or.kr, yumcy@nca.or.kr 2002-03-21
6NGIX is IPv6 Internet eXchange point in Korea. It serves IPv6 peering and has 8 IPv6 peering members which have /35 prefix IPv6 addresses.

6TAP Chicago, IL, USA operational http://www.6tap.net
See website See website 2000-12-08
The 6TAP is a joint project between the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) and CANARIE. The 6TAP peering router has been operational since June 1999. The router is managed by the ESnet staff from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The 6TAP policy is to accept only native IPv6 peers and to accept the announcements of p-TLAs or s-TLAs.

AMS-IX Amsterdam, The Netherlands Operational since about 2 years http://www.ams-ix.net
See website info@ams-ix.net 2001-02-18

Florida-MIX Miami, FL, USA not yet operational
Christian Kuhtz ck@arch.bellsouth.net 2000-12-08

INXS Munich, Bavaria, Germany operational (test-phase) http://www.inxs.de
Torsten Blum torstenb@ecrc.de, operations@inxs.de 2000-12-08
Members participating must be regular INXS member, must have production TLA/sTLA from ARIN, RIPE or APNIC. Announces may contain 6bone address space. No costs till February, might me extented for another couple of months.

NSPIXP-6 Tokyo, Japan operational since Aug 1999 http://www.wide.ad.jp/nspixp6
Akira Kato kato@wide.ad.jp 2000-12-08
An experimental exchange point mainly in Tokyo and accessable at Toyama via JGN ATM and at Osaka via WIDE layer-2 connectivity. More than 15 ASes are connected together.

NY6IX New-York City, USA Semi-operational as of Jan 2001 http://www.ny6ix.net
info@ny6ix.net 2001-02-08

PAIX Palo Alto, CA, USA; more worldwide soon http://www.paix.net
Stephen Stuart stuart@mfnx.net 2000-12-08
IPv6 exchange services since 1996; IPv6 and IPv4 exchange point services on the same L2 switching fabric since 10/2000.

S-IX (NTT-SJ) San Jose, California, USA
Shin Miyakawa ipv6@nttmcl.com 2000-12-08
NTT's subsidiary company in US, NTT MCL has been operating this IPv6 IX point and also collocation spaces have been ready since March 2000. NTT's world wide IPv6 network are using this as a hub and several commercial / non-commercial ISPs and Enterprises are under negotiation as of Nov.2000.

UK6X Telehouse, London, UK Operational http://www.uk6x.com
Jonathan Stevens admin@uk6x.com 2000-12-08
Technical trial initially to facilitate IPv6 peering and experimentation for BT's collaborative partners, and others, including 6init.

XchangePoint XchangePoint, London, UK Operational http://www.xchangepoint.net
See web site info@xchangepoint.net 2001-10-13

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