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Native connection ADSL in IPv6

Nerim is the first ISP in France to place at the disposal of its subscribers an access ADSL in IPv6.

Prerequisite :
  • To have a Nerim subscription with address IP(v4) fixed.
  • The machine connected to the ADSL must support connections PPP in IPv6. A router under GNU/Linux or FreeBSD or a material router (Cisco or 6Wind for example) can agree. A machine under Windows is not compatible, the routeurs/modem provided by Nerim in its packs either (except if they are configured out of simple modem).
List of elements to be gotten :
  • An IPv6 Bloc
    • The block of IP allocated with the tunnel is not the same one as that that you will have as a native, it is necessary thus new for you
    • the form should be used to know your new block below
    • For reverses DNS it is necessary to make the request of it with dns@nerim.net

Form of attribution of the IPv6 block /48

Lastly, it is necessary to configure your IPv6. As for the moment there is no stable protocol automatically to parameterize the /48 of the customer, it is necessary for you to know your IP. With this intention, indicate in this box your fixed IPv4 address. If you have a block of IP, give the external address of the router, that which does not form part of the block.

If youre ipv4 is :
Your block of IPv6 will be :

It should first of all be configured its router so that it negotiates connection in IPv6.

If connection occurs well, you will have on interface PPP IPv6 an address known as "link local", who resembles something like that : fe80::545c:ba9b:1c8c:ef/10.
(Warning : FreeBSD before to 4.7 dregs a address local bond on the interfaces tunX by defect but does not support therefore IPv6 via PPP)
If you arrive at this point, you are on the good way.

  • RP-PPPoE
    • Add in the pppoe.conf :
      	PPPD_EXTRA="ipv6 ,"	
    • Except in the case of the red hat 8 which dynamically generate the pppoe.conf in this case it should be put here :
  • FreeBSD 4.7 and later
    • There is nothing has to make has share to put its new login and the route by default
    • the route :
      	route add -inet6 default -interface tun0
  • OpenBSD
    • PPPoE
      • the route in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf :
        	add default HISADDR6	
    • PPTP
      • It is necessary to update PPP since this page : PPP IPv6 FreeBSD. in the /etc/ppp/ppp.conf :
        ipv6 ,
        name "login@net1.nerim.nerim"
        add default HISADDR6
  • NetBSD (tested by Manuel Bouyer)
    • There is nothing has to make has to put its new login and the road by default
    • (in /etc/ifconfig.pppoe0)
      	inet6 (one addresse of the /48)
      	!route add -inet6 default (address chosen with the top)
  • GNU/Linux
    • All
      • It is necessary on the one hand to check that pppd is compiled with the IPv6 support and to add the following line in the file of configuration PPP /etc/ppp/options :
        	ipv6 ,
        (The comma must be present). This is valid for all the Linux distributions
    • USAGI
      • route add -A inet6 default ppp0
      • route add -A inet6 ::/0 ppp0
      • ip -f inet6 route add 2000::/3 dev ppp0 metric 1
  • Cisco
    • (in the dialer)
      • ipv6 enable
        no ipv6 nd suppress-ra
        ipv6 route ::/0 dialer 0

For the other routers material, to refer to their documentation and information of this paragraph.

Following stage (to configure the addresses of the /48) :
To configure as IPv4 it is has to say a address on the router and the others on machines of the LAN
(don't forget to put the route by default in inet6 towards PPP interface)
  • rtadvd (BSD)
    • Example for a manual configuration without reboot :
      • sysctl -w net.inet6.ip6.forwarding=1
        ifconfig xl0 inet6 2001:7a8:2039:1:: anycast
        rtadvd xl0

    • In /etc/rc.conf here for 2 interfaces LAN (the file rtadvd.conf will be empty)
      • ipv6_gateway_enable="YES" # If one wants forward packets.
        ipv6_network_interfaces="xl0 fxp0"
        ipv6_prefix_xl0="(PREFIX1)" # Ex: 2001:7a8:2039:1
        rtadvd_interfaces="xl0 fxp0"
  • radvd (*nix)
      In /etc/radvd.conf
    • interface sis0 # eth0 for Linux
      	AdvSendAdvert on;
      	AdvLinkMTU 1492;
      	prefix 2001:7a8:2039:1::0/64
      		MinRtrAdvInterval 30;
      		MaxRtrAdvInterval 100;
      	prefix 2001:7a8:2039:2::0/64
      		MinRtrAdvInterval 60;
      		MaxRtrAdvInterval 200;
  • a small "traceroute6 www.ipng.nl" to make sure it's working well
    "et voila".


    To make sure that PPP supports IPV6CP (BSD)

    the logs should be consulted :
    if you see "unkown protocol :0x8057" it is that your PPP does not support ipv6 it thus should be updated
    if you see a message like "unkown ipv6cp" this is the same : ipv6 is not supported
    if you see "Phase: deflink: IPV6CP protocol reject closes IPV6CP !" this is OK

    I pass on the upgrade of PPP which differe according to OS (use ppp under FreeBSD and not pppd)

    OS List functional or not :

    OS IPV6CP (Point to Point Protocol)
    Windows 9xNO
    Windows 2000NO
    Windows XPNO
    Windows 2003NO

    Connection by tunnel

    If Nerim cannot provide you native IPv6 connection, there remains the possibility of configuring a tunnel. With this intention, send a mall to ipv6@nerim.net by specifying your name, your login ADSL and IPv4 or it is necessary to provide the tunnel. Under 8 days, you will receive the parameters of the tunnel.

    Remarks on this page

    For all remarks or suggestion, write Jean Théry.

    Jean Théry

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