Session Layer :

This layer is charged to establish and to control connected multiple towards the same process FROM other processes. Before this layer, the model endeavoured to transmit the DATA to the good process. When two processes require connected simultaneous has a single process, each one must be identified individually. One of the points strong of this layer is a relative safety. If the transport layer is charged to establish and maintain connection between processes, the session layer ensures the regulation of the dialogues or the conversations.

The emergent protocols for this layer are RPC (Remote Procedure Call). Many different versions are produced by suppliers such as Sun and HP.

Easy : As for the presentation layer, this layer is not identifiable in the shape of a layer independent on the level of hierarchy TCP/IP. This layer manages connections between the applications. With TCP/IP, this function is very often carried out in the layer of transport and the term of session is not used. For TCP/IP, the terms ' sockets' and ' ports' are used to describe the way to be followed so that the applications can communicate enter they.

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