T-carrier system

The T-carrier system, introduced by the Bell System in the U.S. in the 1960s, was the first successful system that supported digitized voice transmission. The original transmission rate (1.544 Mbps) in the T-1 line is in common use today in Internet service provider (ISP) connections to the Internet. Another level, the T-3 line, providing 44.736 Mbps, is also commonly used by ISPs. Another commonly installed service is a fractional T-1 line, which is the rental of some portion of the 24 channels in a T-1 line, with the other channels going unused.


1,544 Mbps or 1.544.000 bits/s ou 193.000 bytes/s ou 0,18 MB/s
T-1 transfers a 5 megabyte file in approximately 26 seconds.


3,152 Mbps or 3.152.000 bits per second or 394.000 bytes/s or 0,37 MB/s


6,321 Mbps or 6.321.000 bits per second or 790.125 bytes/s or 0,75 MB/s


44,736 Mbps or 44.736.000 bits per second or 5.592.000 bytes/s or 5,33 MB/s


135 Mbps or 135.000.000 bits per second or 16.875.000 bytes/s or 16,09 MB/s

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