Digital signal X Carrier

DS0 is the base for the digital signal X series. DS1, used as the signal in the T-1 carrier, is 24 DS0 (64 Kbps) signals transmitted using pulse-code modulation (PCM) and time-division multiplexing (TDM). DS-2 is four DS1 signals multiplexed together to produce a rate of 6.312 Mbps. DS-3, the signal in the T-3 carrier, carries a multiple of 28 DS1 signals or 672 DS0s or 44.736 Mbps.


DS0 is 64 Kbps or 65.536 bits per secondor 8.192 bytes/s.


DS1 is 1,544 Mbps or 1.544.000 bits per second or 193.000 bytes/s or 0,18 MB/s


DS1C is 3,152 Mbps or 3.152.000 bits per second or 394.000 bytes/s or 0,37 MB/s


DS2 is 6,312 Mbps or 6.312.000 bits per second or 789.000 bytes/s or 0,75 MB/s


DS3 is 44,736 Mbps or 44.736.000 bits per second or 5.592.000 bytes/s or 5,33 MB/s


DS4/NA is 139,264 Mbps or 139.264.000 bits per second or 17.408.000 bytes/s or 16,60 MB/s


DS4 is 274,176 Mbps or 274.176.000 bits per second or 34.272.000 bytes/s or 32,68 MB/s

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