Temporal multiplexing optical system
SONET (Synchronous Optical NETwork) by Bellcore
SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) by CCITT
Goals :
Standard = operators interconnexions
Support of MIC US/Europe/Japon identical but grouped differently
To exceed the T3 and E3 (orientation towards Gbps)
Integration of management (OAM, Operation, Administration and Maintenance)

STS-1 (electric) = OC-1 (Optical) = 1 screen by 125microsec (SONET)

OC (Optical Carrier)
STM (Synchronous Transport Module)

Optical Carrier levels
The Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) includes a set of signal rate multiples for transmitting digital signals on optical fiber. The base rate (OC-1) is 51.84 Mbps. OC-2 runs at twice the base rate, OC-3 at three times the base rate, and so forth.


51,84 Mbps or 51.840.000 bits per second or 6.480.000 bytes/s or 6,179 MB/s


103,68 Mbps or 103.680.000 bits per second or 12.960.000 bytes/s or 12,359 MB/s


155,52 Mbps or 155.520.000 bits per second or 19.440.000 bytes/s or 18,539 MB/s = STM-1


622,08 Mbps or 622.080.000 bits per second or 77.760.000 bytes/s or 74,157 MB/s = STM-4


1,244 Gbps or bits per second or 155.500.000 bytes/s or 148,296 MB/s


2,488 Gbps or 2.488.000.000 bits per second or 311.000.000 bytes/s or 296,592 MB/s = STM-16


10 Gbps or bits per second or bytes/s or 1192,092 MB/s = STM-64


13,271 Gbps or bits per second or 1.658.875.000 bytes/s or 1582,026 MB/s

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