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Max Hata of NTT DoCoMo : 'IPv4 connected the computers; IPv6 will connect the humans.'
Pre required IPv4 is necessary to understand the explanations of this section well


1973, the beginnings of IP networks, beginning TCP/IP were conceived in the goal to connect that a hundred machines but the scientists and the academic interested by this technology came gradually in the world. But in 1992, the network was opened with the commercial activities. Success was such as one knows it all over the world. Then in 1993 one seen that the addressing system threatened to reach saturation then emergency measures were snuff to delay the expiry the researchers and engineers responsible for the organizations of standardization of the Net had from now on time to conceive a new grinding of the world communications protocol: IPv6.

This work takes into account 25 years the technological projections of research (car-configuration, mobility, multi-diffusion, safety...), those are now finished and the applications circulate more and more on the Net that it is for the routers or the machines.

Jean Théry

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